death does not exist

What is EVP?

Electronic Voice Phenomena ( EVP) is a form of Instrumental Transcommunication (ITC). EVPs are unexplained voices or sounds present on an audio recording. While occasionally the voice may be heard by the recorder while actually taping, most commonly these EVPs are discovered where no voice was expected ,nor present at the time of the recording.

The quality of the electronic voice recordings can range from barely audible to clear words or sentences. Often times the voice has an electronic quality, although the individual person's manner of speaking is often times very notable.

The EVP recordings often need to be amplified before anything can be made out at all. This need for amplification and interpretation is one of the major contentious issues surrounding EVP. Many Skeptics claim that electronic voice phenomena are simply natural background hisses, hums and crackles that have been amplified and "cleaned." However there are many examples of EVP where the voice is sufficiently clear to eliminate this option.

How to record

If you are interested in EVP communication, you can begin today! To use your computer, you can download an easy to use program called Audacity ( Free).

To begin:.  Sit down at a quiet time when you have a positive mind set, turn on the audacity program and begin recording a few minutes at a time. You may ask a question if you'd like... or just let it record. When you have finished recording you can play back the segment to see if you have captured a voice or other sound.Audacity has some nice filters that can help you clarify the recording to make it more audible.

To learn more about EVP, visit AAEVP online and The Big Circle

For me EVPs have been a sporadic, but a very reassuring method of contacting my son in a manner I can HEAR. While the actual recordings are few and far between, I have recorded him several times saying "Mom, I love you" "I'm here", "I'm ok", "Don't be sad". His voice is very electronic, but the inflection is his.. clearly. I have found great comfort in EVPs because I hear directly from Rusty, and when he is able, he gives me reassurance that death does NOT exist.

Some of my EVPs....

To listen, click on the link, then click Open, the wav file will open with your default player.


I've been waiting for you

I need you.... I love you

it IS me!

This next one needs a little explantion... my daughter and son-in- law were upset with their daughter and had scolded her...

Mom...tell Cheryl and Darrick to talk nice to Cami



death does not exist


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