death does not exist

These are the people and organizations who have helped me back to peace and sanity after the devastating loss of my son. Please KNOW that You too will feel peace again. How long that takes is up to you. You can start feeling better right

When you feel perplexed as to WHY we have to go through this..WHY we die, try to think of it as a step forward in our individual spiritual growth. I once heard it explained like this:

When you finish Kindergarten, and it's time to go on to the first grade, you KNOW you have to move on to the next level. No matter how bad you want to stay, it's time to go. You may not want to, but at the same time you know that to do so, means you are growing up. While you will certainly miss all the friends you made in Kindergarten, you realize that you will always be able to connect with them again, because they will be with you through all the grades to come. When one passes they may very well not want to go, but it's something that HAS to happen... just like Kindergarten Graduation. Once on the other side they realize that they can still interact with us, support us, guide us, until we join them, and begin our journey again...and again...and again.

Please check out the links below. I am grateful to be able to share this information with that you too, can once again begin to live every day, to it's bountiful fullest, by KNOWING that death does NOT exist!

starUnity Love




starThe Big Circle


starEdgar Cayce


starElizabeth Kubbler Ross


star Sandy Anastasi


starMystic John Culbertson


star John Edward


star Lydia Clar


starPara psychological Association


starJames Van Prag


starThe Truth Contest


star Star child


starThe Music of Steven Halpern


starThe Cope Foundation


starMartha Copeland


starJourney of the Hearts


starLoss of a Child


star Compassionate Friends


starGrief Net


starUnite Grief Support


starBereaved Parents



I sincerely hope that I have assisted you in finding some of the answers.. in finding the inner peace.... to be able to go on with your life in a satisfying, productive manner... for the higher good of yourself, your family and your loved one(s) here and on the other side. If there is anything that I can do to help you, please do not hesitate to write me ...I really mean that.


In love and light...

Camille Creeping bear

( Rusty's Mom)


Do you need someone to help you with your grief? Please visit Unity Love

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