death does not exist

My psychic beginnings

I remember being a very intuitive kid. As a young child I often saw things others would quickly dismiss. I would see people walking in my room... smiling lovingly. I was not afraid of them, and I had a certain sense of who they were... family long gone..way before my current birth. I often spoke in fluent Italian with some of them and with others , arabic. I had a knowing that I had lived in ancient egypt as well as Ireland, Italy and Native America. It wasn't something I gave alot of thought was just a "knowing".

My Past life recollections

From early childhood I recalled two previous traumatic deaths in vivid detail. I clearly remembered ( I told my mother about this from age 4 on) being in the back of what seems to be a 1920's car, my sister at my side and my parents in the front. It was night time and it was raining... my sister and I ( I was a male child) were singing songs, when suddenly the car swerved and I felt a strong sense of disequilibrium, and then a heard a prolonged and very loud series of crash sounds. I remember the rain coming in, the stillness and the way I was calm and fading in and out.... warm liquid on my face.... I remember surrendering to this and slipping away to a very bright, calming, comfortable light.

Another passing I remember was in a much more primitive environment. I was walking in the dry hot desert with my sister ( who is my mother in this life) we were so thirsty... no where could we find water...we walked until we couldn't...and finally fell to the sand where we both died of dehydration. This was Eqypt, I do not know the year. The recollection of thi passing occurred to me spntaneously at the age of 7, while on a grade school field trip to an ancient Egyptian artifact display. To this day I feel the need to surround myself with Egyptian textiles and artifacts. Egypt is still very much "home" to me.

My Near Death Experience(s)

I was always very in tuned with the paranormal, but a life altering near death experience heightened that attunement and opened the portal to a full on psychic bridge. I was 12 years old on the deep end of a pier in Long Island, NY when a boy pushed me into the ocean. I remember struggling and the terrible feeling of heaviness in my lungs as I breathed in the salt water. I remember letting go.. surrendering to the unescapable. Once the warm feeling of calm engulfed me, a panoramic movie began... it surrounded me. Every minute detail of my 12 year old life played out before me. From the moment of birth, right to the present..and with each scene came a total and complete understanding of every aspect of every detail of every action and reaction that had transpired. Not only from my perspective, but also from that of every person, place or thing I had interacted with in my life time. When the movie finished and I held a total understanding of all of my actions and the resulting reactions, I began to float upward... towards what I believed to be the sun shining through the ocean water ...slowly...lovingly...peacefully floating..up..up...up....

BAM!!!!! I awoke to a painful, noisy crowd of people and paramedics... coughing up large amounts of horrendous tasting fluid. As a teen ager I tried to tell everyone what I had experienced... but was quickly dismissed. It was later, as I gained knowledge and insight, that I realized what had happened to me. It was a near death experience...and it would change my life forever. (This was not to be my only NDE..having had another one when thrown from horse at age 16)

....and the Psychic door swung wide open

Within a week of the NDE I was in the car with my family when I let out a loud shriek! DAD!!! STOP!!!! My dad got very upset with me and told me "never do that again!" because I could have caused him to have an accident. I said, "but Dad, I saw a white sheet falling on to the windshield "... before he could answer me, a large white sheet rock panel fell of a truck and landed right on our windshield!! After nearly crashing, my dad was able to maneuver the car out of harms way. There are countless stories like this. My premonitions might be months ahead or only moments.

From the time I was 12 years old, I sought out books about reincarnation, psychic phenomena and all things paranormal. While this upset my dad, my mother ( who hails from a long line of psychics, gypsies and tea leaf readers) wholeheartedly supported my interests. In my teenage years reading was my primary focus. I had a drive to learn as much as possible about life after death.... near death experiences...and the veil that seemed to separate the living from the dead.

What does it feel like to be psychic?

The way it works for me is much like an imagination works. I normally don't "See" with my eyes, but rather with my mind's eye. Like a little video in my head. For example..When I meet someone , in my mind's eye I'll see that person in a scenario... could be anything,but from it comes a feeling about their life, or personality. Sometimes it's a very clear and strong knowing. For example, someone may say "I'm a salesman" But I get a video of them finishing a concrete sidewalk. Someone may just be standing there talking and I get a video of them talking with their child...or feeding their dog. Is this confusing? At times YES. For most it can be somewhat of a challenge to distinguish between their own head and third party information. The big difference between psychic information and imagination is the source. With psychic information it feels as if the information is not coming from your own head... because it isn't.


death does not exist


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