death does not exist

Born with psychic perception… (probably no more than you were born with)…as a small child, I often saw and heard things adults didn't seem to be tuned in to. Like most, if not all children, I came into this world with great intuition There was an easily accessable passageway to another dimension, or realm. Unfortunately, as with most young children, repeated non confirmation began to erode this awareness, leading to dismissal and eventual desensitization... the voices stopped.. the visions slipped away.... and the passageway closed.

For most, the door may not open again. For many others, a major life changing event, or traumatic experience may be a catalyst for a reopening of the passage, and in my case, a near death experience did just that ( drowning at age 12).

For most of my life I have been on a persistant quest to understand the paranormal and to find the answers to the questions we all have.


Questions and anwers

Where do we go when we die?

There are a multitude of theories on this topic, but I believe the answer is relatively simple. We don't go anywhere!

When we die, we return to our purest self... our energy self. To a state far beyond anything we can understand or imagine. To see without eyes.... to hear without ears.... to know all of our surroundings and that of those far away geographically .....simultaneously.

I believe that we exist in a multidimensional universe... that is to say, various levels of beings, inhabiting various planes of existence and more importantly, various levels of consciousness.....and/ or awareness.

What happens in the moment of death?

When we leave our bodies and pass from human consciousness to the spirit realm, we do so with a burst of energy and aliveness, far beyond any idea of "alive" we may have.

Imagine wearing lead boots and walking a mile up hill.. then imagine removing those lead boots and taking some light and carefree strides down a meadow.

To leave the physical body is to remove the lead weights of human existence.

Have we done this before?

I believe that we have made this journey for perhaps millions of years..over and over again. Why? Because nearly every single person who has been regressed ( hypnotism) is able to recount a previous life (s). Reincarnation is not new... for as long as man has existed, there have been people who believe reincarnation is the soul's school. Living life after life, learning more and more about the one thing that supercedes all else... LOVE. Not the mushy kind... the humanitarian kind.

Why wouldn't we remember what it feels like to be dead if we have been dead before?

Could it be that if we were to come into this life with full knowledge of the previous life, knowing there would be future opportunities to live again, we may live in a more haphazard manner? This knowledge may not enhance our experience this go' round, and may even cause us to place less value in life in general.

With each new life comes a new freshness... and an opportunity to learn more about love.

At some point do we stop coming back?

I believe the answer is yes. When we have achieved the highest level of self... that is to say, we have learned how to give and receive love in the fullest possible way. The more a person is able to live harmoniously, give and receive love to all... (not just his/her family).... the higher the level of spiritual self...and the closer to completion of the life cycles.


death does not exist

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